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Here is a sample of our aggregates and sand. Please get in touch if you have a specific need.

  • Navvy Jack

    Navvy Jack

    Sand/gravel mix, premixed in the correct ratio for use with cement powder for making concrete.

  • Road base

    Road Base

    A mix of sand and gravel ideal for use in road/pathway base applications.

  • 3/4 driveway chip

    Driveway Chip

    A ¾” rock blended with finer material for compacting to a solid base, ideal for roadways.

  • 3/4 fractured clear

    Blue Driveway Chip ¾”

    Has finer material, is a great look for driveways and pathways that slope as it compacts.

  • Blue fractured clear

    Blue Driveway Chip ¾” Clear

    Has no fine material, is great looking for driveways and pathways that don’t slope.

  • Pea gravel

    Pea Gravel ½”

    Small, rounded rock that is great for a variety of projects.

  • 3/4 round drain rock

    Drain Rock

    We have ¾” round, and 1” to 2” drain rock. Nice looking rounded rock for drainage/ landscaping application.

  • 2-8 river rock

    River Rock 2” to 8”

    Varied sizes of rocks in each load, great for hardscape areas.

  • Crusher sand

    Crusher/Paver Sand

    Ideal product for base layer for patio/paver stones.

  • Washed sand


    Great for various projects, including bedding pipes and more.

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