Taylormade Landscape Supply

Located at the south end of Ladysmith, we make our own garden and lawn soils with the same care as Ladysmith's Old Town Bakery makes their cinnamon buns, though not quite the same taste!

Taylormade Contracting and Landscapes is based in the beautiful seaside town of Ladysmith, BC.

Whether you need a 5-gallon bucket of compost for your tomatoes, half a yard of gravel for those pesky potholes, or 10 dump truck loads of soil to reseed the back 40, we'll meet your requirements in an efficient and friendly manner.

We can deliver what you need, as much as you need, when you need it! Located at 4134 Thicke Road, you can find us next to Peerless Road Recycling.

Aggregates & Sand

For concrete, driveways, pathways, patios, and bedding pipes.

Choose from Navvy Jack to Road Base, Blue Driveway Chip to Drain and River Rock.

Garden Bed Mulch

Keep your soil cool in summer and warm in winter.

We have a nice selection of FIR and ALDER mulches.

Soil & Compost

Soil for veggie gardens and shrubs, our compost is rich in organics.  

We screen and blend our own soil using the finest materials, right here in our own yard. Our manure-free compost, is rich in organic materials.

Blocks & Pavers

For BBQs, fire pits, pathways, whatever the situation.

We have many solutions, in colours and sizes to suit any situation.

Landscape Services

Landscape construction has been our passion for over 20 years.

Irrigation installation, fencing and hedging, turf, driveways, patios, paved areas and more!

Trucks of all sizes, slinger truck

Trucking Services

We have a 1-ton dump truck, tandem-axle dump trucks, and a slinger service for soil, gravel, and sand.

Compaction equipment, excavators

Excavation Services

We offer a large variety and size classes of excavators. We can fit through those gates to the hard-to-reach areas, we have skid steers too!

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Customer satisfaction and recommendation has been our measure of success for over two decades.

If your project is outside, we're your guys (and gal)!

"Great crew! Really helped us out when our drains failed around the house and we flooded." (Sue W, Ladysmith)

"Top notch work and a great staff. A well run business." (Dave P, Ladysmith)